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Speaker Information


Ken Fromm, Executive Producer | @kenfromm (telegram)



Edge & Node House of Web3

Building 103, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129

 (Note that the event is in the Presidio, not on the street by the same name in the downtown SF.)

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Event Schedule

Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

Registration: Noon

Program:      1:00pm – 5:30pm PST

Happy Hour:  5:30pm


Posted in the venue

Free Guest Passes

Your name tag will be at the registration table.

Use the code BUILDGUEST for 2 free guest tickets


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upload Mainstage presentations here (mainstage only)

  • Mainstage and Stage Two talks – Non-commercial talks of broad interest to Ethereum developers. Talks should be educational and on some type of web3 dev process or pattern. Please avoid product pitches and stick to the allotted time. Reserve questions for a roundtable or take them offline.

  • There will be a podium in the mainstage. Please abide the time as you'll be taking away from the next talk.

  • IMPORTANT: Mainstage decks please upload here.

  • IMPORTANT: Stage Two will connect via Airplay and self-drive

  • Roundtables – Small group discussions to connect with speakers or discuss less narrower subjects. Sessions will be in the mainroom, boardroom, and.or lounge immediately after the break. Expect 10-15 at a session. Roundtables are a chance for attendees to meet with you and others in a small setting so please make them feel welcome.

To Do


1. Make sure we have the correct name, title, org, headshot, and talk title at

2. Make sure the timeslot works for you and put the day and the evening before on your schedules.

3. Familiarize yourself with the conference, agenda, location (in the Presidio), and theme and goals of the event (dev patterns).

4. Mainstage should upload their presentations here.

  • If you are unable to upload Mainstage prior (booo!), then bring your presentation on a USB drive and provide to the speaker coordinator well in advance of you talk. (Plugging in the USB onstage or, god forbid, using your own laptop is bad form.)

5. For Stage Two, please connect via AirPlay at the start of your presentation (you'll drive)

At the Event

1. Pick up your pre-printed badge at the front desk. (All speakers will be pre-registered. Please have speaker guests register in advance.)

2. Check in with Ken Fromm and/or the MC of your speaking block in advance of your presentation. 

3. Please make the attendees feel welcome and help us support learning, sharing of knowledge, and collaboration.

Presentation Formats

Please prepare slide presentations for:

  • mainstage

  • stage two

(presentations are recommended for roundtables as they are meant to be interactive sessions)

Screen Format: 16x9

File Format: pdf

Presentation Serving Order (Mainstage)

1. AV Techs serves your uploaded version which you drive from the podium. (If you haven't provided it in the days prior, please make nice with the AV folks and give it to them on a USB device well prior to your talk.)

2. If AV doesn't load it, plug in a USB thumb drive in the podium in the shared laptop and drive from there.

3. If that fails, plug in your laptop. (should be last option)

If you would like to include BuildETH branding on the front slide, logos can be found at

Presentation Tips


  • Go deep (no"blockchain is great"handwaving)

  • Provide context ("we are here")

  • Don't pitch on the mainstage

  • Include architectural diagrams, ecosystem diagrams, workflows, graphs, and other content-heavy diagrams


  • Use large typefaces

  • Limit use of stock photos.

  • Don't crowd information on slides

  • Use interesting bullet points and backgrounds and simple color schemes

Stage Two
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